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It's more than just Solar.  A proper analysis of your facility takes into account building operational characteristics, available incentives, tax credits, and company motivation (i.e. LEED or other sustainability goals).  We have developed renewable energy projects from California to Hawaii to Indiana, and are experts at navigating the daunting and varied entitlement and permitting processes.

mechanical, electrical, plumbing, process piping

Safety and capability are critically important for any project.  Enabling clear communication and paying close attention to detail allows Xnergy to properly manage effectively and efficiently.  In addition to managing your electricity consumption, we can also help by implementing water conservation measures.

energy efficiency

Choosing the right energy efficiency measures (EEM's) can have a significant impact on your utility bill and usage.  We will analyze the facility and manage the implementation of the EEM's that will have the greatest benefit and impact to your energy consumption and costs.  These could include LED lighting, HVAC, and building envelope measures.

General engineering contractor

Since inception in 2001, Xnergy has made it a habit of managing complex projects that consist of a multitude of trades and disciplines.  Proper planning, organization, and communication are hallmarks of a Xnergy project.  We recognize and believe that safety and capability are critically important for any project. 


energy storage

As renewable generation continues to explode and solar penetration continues to rise, an energy storage component must be considered in order to maximize savings.  Most of the time this consists of battery storage.  In addition to the economic benefits, this technology also provides redundancy and resiliency.


residential ROOFING, solar & battery storage

In addition to businesses, homeowners can take advantage of Xnergy's comprehensive energy solutions.  Implementing both solar and energy storage can have a greater financial benefit than just solar alone.  Having a new 25-Year Solar PV System on a new roof is the right plan if your roof is nearing its end-of-life or warranty period. Financing packages are available, some with $0 down!