Creating Energy Since 2001

Xnergy’s first COGEN (CHP - Combined Heat & Power Plant) - November 2001 to June 2002



Select Projects

Encinitas City Hall

The  City Council voted unanimously for Xnergy’s proposal to retro-fit the Civic Center and meet LEED certification. Scope: 

  • 100 kW Solar PV on roof. This provides “free” power during the most expensive time of the day.

  • Addition of a “Cool Roof” over the existing.

  • New 120-ton water-cooled central plant along with new 4-pipe air handlers.

  • New TES (Ice Storage). Makes and stores the chill water at night when the electrical rates are half of what they are during the day.

  • Natural lighting including Solatubes and skylights.

  • Lighting Controls.

Southwest Traders

The Solar PV project for Southwest Traders included a 333 kW system mounted on the rooftop.

Equity Office Properties

Xnergy provided the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, & Construction) for over 6 MW of CHP (Combined Heat & Power) systems for the large real estate firm Equity Office Properties.  The natural gas engines were used in combination with absorption chillers to offset utility electrical and gas usage for 10 class 'A' high-rise office buildings.  These projects have saved millions of kilowatt-hours and dollars for the owners.  

Abbott Vascular Site Expansion

The $25M contract for the Abbott Vascular expansion project required the conversion of an existing 122,000' sq facility to an ISO and cGMP compliant clean manufacturing space.  The 1000-ton complex chiller central plant, ancillary equipment, and supporting offices and lobby space had to be fast-tracked.  The design-build project from initial concept to completion took just 7 months and won the Associated Builders & Contractors Project of the Year.  

Cox Communications

Xnergy installed (4) 400kW hydrogen fuel cells at two separate Cox Communications facilities.  The 1.6 MW of electricity offsets the dirty grid power from the utility.  The fuel cells use natural gas as their fuel source, and then use an electrochemical process (no combustion) to efficiently produce very clean electricity and water.

Waianae PV-2

This ground-mount 500kW solar PV project was included in Hawaiian Electric Company's (HECO) Feed-In Tariff program. The electricity produced is being sold to HECO and helping provide grid stability and clean energy for the island customers.

Residential New Cool Roof & Solar PV

Project Development

Concept to Completion

~5 MW Solar PV System




Cox Communications is extremely proud to be able to make such a positive impact on our environment and help encourage other businesses to implement eco-friendly initiatives. We were proud to do this project with local partners such as Xnergy.
— Bill Geppert, Sr. VP & General Manager for Cox Communications

Xnergy has been a great General Contractor for me. Over the last three years they have performed Tenant Improvements for Advanced Sterilization Products, a Johnson & Johnson company, in Irvine that included a $10M Master Plan renovation and building consolidation, multiple laboratory upgrades, and process improvements in our GMP / FDA regulated facility.
— Jerry McRea, Sr. Project Manager

The effort by Xnergy and the sub contractors to do this effort in such a compressed time frame was outstanding! The date was met and the job was completed within budget due to a tremendous effort by Abbott Vascular support personnel, sub contractors and the Project Team. However, Xnergy with a great effort by Jason Davis was the difference between meeting and not meeting the timeline.
— Gene Jones, Owner Rep, Abbott Vascular